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I am an experienced copywriter who can make your website fathomable, your blog enticing and just about anything else unputdownable…

SEO-aware copywriting

Business writing

Long-form content

Business case studies

Looking to connect with a specific audience?

I can help you produce copy that speaks to your audience.

Copywriting for your website, business writing, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, interviews, business case studies and more.

I also love getting under the skin of a subject, with in-depth, long-form content that is thought provoking and educational.

Have a look at my writing page, where I produce compelling long-form content on a semi-regular basis.

craig gibson content marketing column
content marketing

Effective content marketing is about building, cultivating and maintaining a relationship with your audience.

I can produce content that helps you acquire and retain customers with a message that is relevant, engaging and authoritative.

Think of it like any other relationship in life. When people get to know you, they begin to trust you.

craig gibson ebooks publishing
business case studies + ebooks

Looking to add value and promote your brand?

An ebook, business case study or content-rich infographic can help build your authority, while cultivating and maintaining a relationship with your audience.

I can help you make this happen.